Kingsland Festival 2019


The Dutch national holiday ‘Koningsdag’ is one of the biggest events in the Netherlands. Celebrating the birthday of the King, the festival equivalent Kingsland is held in multiple cities spread over the country. In 2019 4PM Entertainment organised the exciting event with 18 stages varying from hip hop to hardstyle. With big names like Vini Vici, Kriss Kross Amsterdam, The Partysquad, Yellow Claw, Headhunterz, Afrojack, Nicky Romero, Sem Vox and many more this party is determined to deliver an unforgettable time to the attendees all across the country.

Our team produced the aftermovie for this event. We were spread over five cities in the country to deliver one aftermovie altogether. Explosive and festive, we made sure we captured all the highs and the best vibes all over the country. Our 40-strong team made sure that every little aspect of every performance could be felt by everyone who watched it. Making this one of the biggest, recurring Kingsday events in The Netherlands.


Kingsland Festival 2019


4PM Entertainment / Kingsland Festival

What we did

Aftermovie, Post-production, Video production


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